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>> it is august 2nd. a serious threat in muslim and middle eastern countries close. we have details developing overnight. >> the head of the irs the head of obama care wants to keep the healthcare plan he currently has. >> i prefer to stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than go through a change. >> plus even more obama care waivers are about to be issued. wait until you hear who is getting them. >> he couit could be a special delivery the postal servicelook
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business. will it be enough to save the mailman. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning to you. hope you are off to a great day wherever you are in this world. we have folks overseas and the united states watching us. thank you for watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am hert nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we start with a fox news alert for you. an al qaeda terror threat so serious u.s. embassies are being shut down around the world. >> this will happen on sunday amid reports a terror group is planning an attack. there are few details coming in
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at this time. here's what we do know. the closed locations include afghanistan, iraq, israel, egypt. it is an unspecified threat. >> the department has been apprised of information out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installations indicates we should institute these precautionary steps. the department conditions warrants takes steps like this to balance continued operations with security and safety. >> the set of foreign relations committee passed a bill to increase embassy security in the wake of the benghazi terror attack. >> speaking of benghazi another fox news alert for you the cover up piers to be even bigger than you could image. cnn reporting that cia operatives are being forced to take polygraph tests every month to make sure they are staying silent. sources say dozens of operatives were on the ground the night of the deadly attack. the agency is doing whatever it
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can to keep those people quiet. some say it is pure intimidation. the cia says it has been open with congress. >> a first date ends in tragedy. a new york city ad executive falls to her death after the railing on her balcony collapses. police say that 35-year-old jennifer roth went out for a cigarette on the 17 lt floor of her building with her date and that is when police say the railing on the balcony gave way as she sat on it. neighbors can't believe what happened. >> i am just shocked to hear that. very sad. very, very sad for the women. >> police cleared the woman's date of any wrong doing. they are calling it a terrible accident. >> baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. still trying to figure out who kidnapped his mother at gun point last year. he is offering a 100,000 dollar reward. according to police de ripken
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was taken from her home and found in the next day in a vehicle nearby with no injuries. her son says she is still recovering. >> she is more cautious and careful, and her decisions aren't so easy any more. but again, as time goes on, i have noticed more and more old mom keeps coming out. >> police say they have no leads but they are lacking for a white male in his late 30s or 40s. on deck major league baseball will suspend 9 lays for u-- pla to say they took performance enhancing drugs. it is believed the bans will be for at least 50 games. speaking of another possible suspension a rod sources say mlb want to ban the yankee through next season. he is trying to reach a deal to avoid a lifetime ban.
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the talks stalled because he wants to cash in on some of the $100 million that he is still owed from his contract. >> an emotion dmal after the trial of ariel castro. >> he was sentenced to life in prison without parole as you were saying, but before being sent away one of his victims faced her abductor one last time. marianne rafferty has the emotional story. >> standing in front of a packed courtroom and her captor michelle knight one of the three victimized for more than 10 years had her moment of revenge. >> i spent 11 years in hell now your hell is just beginning. i will not let you define me or who i am. i will live on, you will die a little every day. >> castro agreed to a plea deal that will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life but
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spare him the death penalty. despite admitting guilt he is still saying he's a victim. >> i am not a monster, i am sick. >> he was painted as a monster by psychiatrist. the first photos of where he kept them locked up showed done gone like conditions. the images show chains where the women were kept along with castro's young daughter mothered by one of the victims. ariel castro is sitting in a cell waiting on paperwork for his transfer to arain correctional facility outside of cleveland. he will go there on monday. >> marianne rafferty thank you. new out rooifrj obama care. we learned that congr staffers may be getting wavered from that healthcare law. this as the same agency in charge of implementing obama care says he will pass on it. >> elizabeth pran is live for us in washington. can they just do that, just pass
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on it? >> congressional members have reported a deal with the office of personal management that will allow them to continue to make employer contributions to their health plan. basically law americas and congressional staffers. they say a number of senators reportedly expressed concern over hike in healthcare costs due to the implementation of obama care. they don't want to get crushed by the change of benefits. this as the irs chief tells congress he would rather stick with his current healthcare plan. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are enforce. >> to speak for myself i prefer to stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through the change. >> he is planning one of a number of votes to continue to chip away at obama care. this time to prevent the irs from implementing the law really
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showing lack of approval of the agency in the wake of the allegations. at the same time the president has made it a permanent irs commissioner. white house officials say former freddie mac chairman has the experience to resort confidence in the agency. >> elizabeth prann in washington. thanks. a fox business alert for you. in just a few hours the monthly jobs report comes out. for more on what we can expect dennis kneel joins -- dennis ne joins us. >> the unemployment rate in july comes out at 8:30 this morning. right now economists predicting slow jobs growth with 184,000 new farm payroll jobs added. a slight dip to 7.5 percent. another key factor is precipitation rate how many people dropped out of the labor race.
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federal reserve will be keeping a close eye on today's report. we could be in for a wild ride. they will cut it back sooner on sgleez money policies two weeks and where the economy is slowing down too much. markets are hoping for goldiloc goldilocks. it's not so fab being fabulous right now. they found the trader liable for misleading investors. how big a fish was he? they get a badly needed victory on 6 of 7 claims after set back on big cases. it went sour after housing crashed. betting against the housing boost was the other just this kind of air cane vaughn deal. he spent 1 billion on his bet lost 900 million and went to the funds. fab got charged with not foirnling aca. aca should have known anyway.
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the cash strapped postal service could be your door to door bartender. the agency is considering delivering beer, wine and spirits as a new way to raise cash after it lost 16 billion each year. the alcohol delivery services could bring as much as $50 million per year. you wonder what took them so long. in an effort to save money they shift from door delivery to cluster box and curbside delivery and ending saturday delivery. >> dennis kneale, thank you. >> well some parts of the country are waking up to temperatures they haven't seen in the past few days. it has been chilly out. >> it has been a change. we are checking in with maria molina. >> we are waking up to relatively cool temperatures out across sections of the northeast and great lakes. it will feel like summer across many of the areas and across
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parts of texas and louisiana we are talking extreme heat. a number of heat advisories in effect out here. we are talking actual temperatures making it into the triple digits you factor in the humidity it will feel like 105 to 110 degrees. southwestern parts of arkansas northwestern louisiana and eastern sections of texas. take a look at the forecast the extended forecast for the city of dallas. it will remain in triple digits. other areas of the country warming up as well new york city back in the middle 80s. yesterday only in the 70s. back to summer. >> 80 is not too bad. >> check out the viral video. this hungry bear starts out dumpster diving. then he decides he would like his meal on the go. easily dragging the 500 pound
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dumpster. it's the second time in the past week he has taken the dumpster from the back of the restaurant. >> he is just dragging it away. that brings us to our brew on this on the day. favorite viral videos of the week. here is a recap. >> he hit 5 home runs in a row. sign him up. >> exactly. sign that kid up. >> finally this woman is working on her goler swing but not at the links. instead she is -- instead of hitting a ball she is actually slamming her husband's suv with a golf club. i sent that to my husband as a bit of a warning, too. >> you are kidding. >> which video is your favorite the hungry bear the little league error the angry life going off. you can sweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail
2:13 am coming up the accused fort hood shooter is now speaking out. major naz dal hassan putting his ties to a terrorist in writing now giving us more proof his deadly rampage was actually a terror attack. we will see if the government changes its view about the attacks. >> a deadly discovery about a key ingredient in tylenol. you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas. cute! waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding.
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>> welcome back. the fda issuing a serious warning for popular pain reliever acetamenophen. it can cause deadly rashes and
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blistering of the skin in some people. they will require a warning about the skin conditions to be added to the label of the products containing the ingredient. acetaminophen is found in over the counter products like tylenol. >> it looks like casey anthony won't be selling her life time story any time soon. a florida judge allowing anthony to pay 25,000 to her bankruptcy estate. the estate's trustee considered the possibility of selling anthony's life story as a way to pay off her debt. the 27-year-old filed for bankruptcy in january but strongly opposed we are told the idea of creating a tell all book. shufz acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> nadal hassan asking for forgiveness and praising american al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. that is according to handwritten documents signed has sad. he is charged with killing 13
2:18 am
people wounding more than 30 others at the massacre of the texas army post almost four years ago. we are hearing from hasan in his own words. chief tinl against correspondent katherine herridge has the story. >> it remains the worst mass shooting on an army base in history. we are hearing from the accused shooter of his own words. >> on the eve of his trial he released these handwritten typed documents to fox news where he piers to renounce his u.s. citizenship abandon his military oath as a commissioned officer and explains his relationship with anwar al-awlaki. the first targeted for death by the cia. it includes soa which is considered shorthand for soldier of allah. his business card with soa was found after the shooting. the attorney for civil matters verified the authenticity of the
2:19 am
documents and the signature adding the 42-year-old army major was acting and directed him to provide the writings for fox news. he recommend to do me personally wrote in longhand or typed a statement. all of the documents were prepared by major nadal hassan and wrote at the specific request of your network. manning who was shot six times first spoke to fox news a year ago. when the defense department dealing with the attack in the context of quote workplace violence many said via skype the public should make its own assessment. >> the government tried to deny this was an act of terrorism. i hope that if people hear the words from hassan's own mouth they will understand it was an act of terrorism. >> the only document bear ago date october 18th, 2012, i denounce any oath offal league against that require me to
2:20 am
defend any constitution like the constitution of the you stooifrts the commandments made in islam. i renounce my oaths of office this includes my oath of u.s. citizenship. on this relationship with radical cleric hasan writes he was my teacher mentor and friend. i hold him in high esteem. may almighty allah accept his martyrdom. >> he identifies with al qaeda ideology. someone reached out to him and said he was going to take up his cause in america. >> a military judge denied the use of three alleged e-mails between hasan andal awlaki to be used by the prosecution. >> they asked the public affairs prosecutors if they would like to comment and there was no immediate comment. back to you. still to come a newspaper editor fired for slamming the president and writing this headline is that fair?
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>> good morning to you. 24 minutes after the hour. italy's supreme court uphold the conviction of silvia berg scone knee. it stopped short of a ban from potiberlusconi a slush fund. it is the first verdict it was a crowding.inthe charges. >> cru carnival, royal
2:25 am
caribbean, more crimes were pr of 130 crimes reported to te cr 2011 and 2012 just 31 were made public. 217 million go on cruises each sident obama to shove it has been fired. the headline of the editorial in the times free press was this. take your jobs plan and shove it mr. president. he says he was thinking of the song take this job and shove he published it on tuesday the same day president obama visited the city. >> i was hired to be the editorial page edito the most conservative free market limited government editorial pagesamerica. obviously writing something like i did something certainly in
2:26 am
line with most of my readers and what i was supposed to do. >> the newspaper says he was fired for changing the original headline. johnson says it was just holder headline, a temporary headline. headlines are changed all of the time without becoming a big issue. >> it is now 26 minutes after the hour. coming up for you an update on the rolling stone magazine cover that triggered so much outrage across america. how the bostono performed at news stands. we will tell pluswith us americans to get up before thes. mariath one of the most dangerous jobs. >> national police emergency. at he is having a heart at he is having a heart >> what it takes to be a ...and ev stop itself if it has to.
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the technology may be hard y you would want it if isot.s to. it is the future.
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>> good morning to you. it is august 2nd. a credible and serious threat to tell you about. what's forcing dozens of u.s. embassys to shut down all around the world. the latest or no the developing story. >> remember when the government was giving out cell phones. remember? >> everybody know i got an obama phone. >> we are hearing from one women who says she does not qualify for an obama phone but she got not one, three. >> three of them. >> as you get ready to head out the door and grab a cup of coffee we have new information about how much jolt is really in
2:31 am
your joe. fox a "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning everyone. it is friday and welcome to "fox & friends first". we are glad you have joined us. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. we start with a fox news alert for you. an al qaeda terror threat so serious u.s. embassies are being shut down around the world. this will happen on sunday amid new reports that the terror group is planning an attack. there are few details foint but the location, the time, the close location include afghanistan, iraq, israel, libya and kuwait. the state department just says it's an unspecified threat. >> the department has been apprised that with abundance of caution and care indicates we should institute these precautionary steps.
2:32 am
the department when conditions warrant take steps like this to pals our continued operations with security and safety. >> the senate foreign relations committee passed a bill to increase embassy security in the wake of the pbenghazi tear or attack. we will keep you posted. >> we have another fox news lart for you. the coverup is bigger than you could image. cnn is now reporting that cia operatives are now forced to take polygraph tests every single month to make sure they are staying quiet. sources say dozens of operatives were on the ground the night of the deadly attack in benghazi. but the agency is doing whatever it can to try to keep those people kie et. so -- quiet. some stais pure intimidation. the cia says it has been open with congress. >> the post reports major league baseball will suspend nine players in addition to alex rodriguez for using performance enhancing drugs. the players expected to include the tigers johnny peralta
2:33 am
rangers nelson cruz and everth cabrera. it is believed it will be more than 50 games. the league wants to ban a rod through all of next season. he is reportedly trying to reach a deal to avoid a lifetime ban but talks have apparently stalled. >> she is not on welfare or she doesn't even live below the poverty line. there was a reporter who was able to receive 3 so-called obama phones on yaur dime. this is the latest example of rampant fraud and abuse called lifeline. it is supposed to be reserved for people who are in need. vendors camp out at food stamp offices and try to sign up as many people as possible. >> they would ask you whether you were on welfare of any kind. i said nope i would sure like to be. it got me signed up. took my home address and sent it off to me just like that.
2:34 am
i was able to get 3 of the 8 applications i put in. it is still active and these are my phones. >> in order to get a phone those eligible must receive some sort of government assistance and are only allowed to receive one phone. >> the fbi says there was nothing it could do to prevent the boston bombing. >> that's the findings of the agency's internal investigation according to the new york times. many law americas say the fbi failed to properly investigate tamlin tsarnaev after a heads up from russia. the fbi says agents were limited because of protocol. meantime rolling stone created outrage across the country for this cover. glamorizing dzhokhar tsarnaev. but controversy meant cash for
2:35 am
the magazine. it reports that it actually sold 13,000 copies that is twice as many as a normal issue. actress jamie lee curtis rushed to the hospital after a serious car crash. her first call isn't to 911 it's to fellow actress jodie foster. the two can be seen in the photos next to a totalled suv. tmz is now reporting curtis was a passenger in the suv that crashed into a bmw. after getting the call foster rushed to be by her side. curtis and another person were taken to the hospital. curtis was later released with minor injuries. >> nsa leaker edward snowden is a relatively free man. this morning in a move that has angered u.s. officials, right now according to his lawyer he is living with friends. doug luzader has the latest on this story. good morning, doug. >> this is what the white house was trying to avoid.
2:36 am
russian president vladmir putin decided to grant asylum to edward snowden despite the objections of president obama. he left the moscow airport where he was hold up for some time after being granted one year of political asylum something that infuriated the white house. >> we are extremely disappointed the russian government would take this step despite our clear and lawful requests in public and in private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> snowden's russian lawyer mean sthiemed off his client's newly issued papers there. back in the united states his father expresses relief and his gratitude toward russian president putin. >> for the courage, the strength, the humanity that they have demonstrated in what i believe is this noble action of protecting my son and keeping him safe. >> but this is an embarrassment
2:37 am
to the white house that would further drive a wedge between obama and put tin. president obama yesterday was once again trying to explain to members of congress how the nsa operates and why he thinks they should continue what they are doing despite a push of some members of congress that oversees the law that oversees the nsa. >> all week long we have been highlighting hard-working americans who wake up before the sunrises. >> maria molina got
2:38 am
shift. >> we start around 7:00 at night and end at 7:00 in the morning. >> what are things you usually carry with yourself when you are heading out. >> first and foremost you have to wear a vest. you are not able to do that without. you put it over your head. adjust this this way. put your arms up. you are all set to go. >> i am all ready. let's go ahead and patrol the streets. >> although the night gets off to a quiet start about an hour later we find ourselves responding to the burglary of a local pan ner r panera bread. >> somehow two males have gotten in the front door. they followed the manager in. they fought the employees in the back. they went to the manager's office. >> the investigation into this crime is just beginning and could take all night. with a number of officers already on the scene we think it's safe to hit the road and
2:39 am
continue our patrol. soon after that we are called to respond to a very different emergency. >> police emergency. >> my mom is having a heart attack. >> seconds count when someone is having a heart attack. >> we received a call about a person at a residence having heart palpitations or heart attack. two sflirss showed up and emt and the person will be carried on a stretcher into the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital. >> after seeing this woman get the help she needs we head back to headquarters. >> right now it's 3:03 in the morning. at this time one of the most difficult crimes would be people driving under the influence. >> people who get picked up go right to headquarters. >> what would happen to me? >> you would be sitting the next couple hours. >> asked to take a breathalyzer
2:40 am
sobriety test and if i didn't pass i would find myself in a jail cell much like these inmates. >> this is one of the final steps in arrest processing before being taken to a cell. they would have my fishing prints taken and also my mug shots. >> four-hours after arriving at the nassau county police department our time here is up. but remember, officer dupont's shift is far from over. >> it is currently about 3:30, 3:40 in the morning you have several hours to go we saw so much tonight. >> you nifr know what's going to happen on this job in the next three hours. >> a very special thank you to the nassau county police department and of course officer jim dupont for letting us tag along. >> great story. what an unpredictable job they have. >> it can be very dangerous as well. >> a glamorous mug shot. >> i was trying to go for paris hilton but i didn't.
2:41 am
>> now 40 minutes after the hour. coming up they risk their lives fighting for her freedom. now our soldiers could be cheated out of student loans. we will tell you about this. >> a head of the irs the agency in charge of implementing obama care wants to keep the healthcare plan he has. >> stay with the current policy that i am pleased with rather than go through a change. >> plus, wait until you hear who else is about to get an obama care waiver. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> good morning. 15 minutes to the top of the hour. they are investigating whether student loan companies are cheating active duty military. federal prosecutors want to know if companies fail to reduce rates on loans carried by the military when they enter active tut t
2:45 am
duty. they are yiered to keep them below 6 percent. right now they have 6.8 percent and 7.9 percent. disgraced nfl star aaron hernandez says he is innocent of murdering 27-year-old oden loud. he sent a letter from prison and it was gone viral. it was written to a total stranger. a fan recently wrote the former new england patriot hernandez replied saying this, i have always been great person and known for having an amazing heart. right now there's a reason i am going through this and i will figure it out with my relationship with the lord. his next hear something scheduled for later this mornt. >> new out rooifrj obawe ba -- over obama care. the irs the same agency in charge of implementing it said he would take a pass on the healthcare law. it comes as staffers look to be getting waivers from obama care. elizabeth pran is live for us from washington with more this morning. good morning elizabeth.
2:46 am
>> congressional members are concerned about the hike in cost for them and their staffers they reportedly struck a deal that would allow the federal government to continue to contribute toward the cost of their healthcare plan. the white house says members will not be eligible in any way for subsidies or tax credits and they are not the only ones wanting special treatment. the irs chief told congress he would also rather stick with his current health plan. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves with the law you are tasked to enforce. >> to speak for myself i prefer to stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> meanwhile speaker john boehner is planning a number of votes to chip away at the affordable care act. this time it's a bill to prevent the irs from implementing the law. the move showing a lack of approval in the agency in the wake of the allegations.
2:47 am
it is making a permanent irs commissioner. white house commissioner says freddie mac chairman has the experience to restore competence in the agency if confirmed by the senate. he will replace him shortly. >> elizabeth prann live for us from washington. thank you. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. still to come a police officer tries to pull a driver over instead he's the one taken for a wild ride. is he going backwards? >> as you head out the door and grab your cup of coffee how much volt is in your joe. we all can't live without our coffee around here. >> bottoms up, ladies. >> coming up on "fox & friends" we told you about the government. giving millions of dollars to farmers as well. they are the only ones 6 feet under benefitting.
2:48 am
80 percent of americans who suffer from back pain your doctor may be making it worse. what you need to know to he's your back pain coming up. plus our movie critic is here telling you what is worth seeing this weekend. uncle kracker. look at this. getting ready right there. live on the plaza. come on out free concert free barbecue on this friday. flush we got adt because i walked in on a burglary once. the physical damage was pretty bad. the emotional toll was even worse. our daughter had nightmares. what that robber really took from us was our peace of mind. with adt, we got it back. [ male announcer ] every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the united states.
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went through here. i'm paralyzed from mid chest down. >> there were a lot of things that seemed out of place. i found the i.e.d. and it
2:54 am
went off. i remember going through the air and i think i cussed before i hit the ground. i knew what happened. >> we were on a dismounted patrol and an abandoned compound and i stepped on a dismounted i. efpl -- i.e.d. i knew i couldn't stand up. i kept trying to leave patrol until my platoon leader said you need to worry about getting out of here. >> i was amputated at the knee at the blast. the blast removed my right leg. >> i know i'm in danger and something's not right. >> my wife was three months pregnant when i was injured. i definitely wanted to walk before he was born and help out with him. >> he's clapping for you. >> he's a little ham bone. >> i can do virtually everything i want to do. it's going to take equipment. >> mr. o'reilly promised you you would have a chair. on behalf of the independence fund and the
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hard work mr. o'reilly has done, i want to present you with your very own action track chair. [music playing] >> i was in a track care late last year driving around the woods and everything was cool. my first thought was i have to get one of these. >> she was like what do you think about that track chair standing in the back. do you want it? i screeched. this breaks the mobility barrier. >> do you get under the hood a lot? >> now i can. >> i don't want my life to be about the injury. i want it to be about how i became better after the injury. >> for more increasing on where you can donate to help other veterans, go to that made me cry. >> still ahead, your last chance to pick your favorite viral video of the
2:56 am
we can. e-mail your picks. the winner coming up after the break. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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>> here's what you need to know before you leave the house. an al qaeda terror threat shutting down several u.s. embassies around the world on sunday. it includes two of our biggest in egypt and in libya. the government releasing its july jobs numbers in a few hours. economists predict a slight dip in the unemployment rate to 7.5%. major league baseball expected to suspend nine players for using performance enhancing drugs today. alex rodriguez trying to reach a deal to avoid a lifetime ban. >> earlier in the show we showed you these viral videos. the hungry bear dragging that dumpster from behind a restaurant. a little leaguer hitting a home run in five straight at bat and a woman teeing
3:00 am
off on her husband's car. >> rachel said my son brian is about his baseball skills. i'm going to show him that video. >> thank you for joining us today. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. it is friday, august 2. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for gretchen. we start with a fox news alert. an al qaeda terror threat forced the united states to close embassies across the middle east. we have the latest on this breaking story. >>steve: who is responsible for the death and violence in chicago? >> i want to tell you what i've been hearing. they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >>steve: that official tries to defend her crazy comments coming

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